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Digital Photography Tips and Tricks From an Expert Photographer

I've had a Canon Power Shot S2 I5 for Approximately two Decades Ago. This has been a fantastic camera and journeys with me all around the nation. But I am having any problem with it. On occasion, the lens will not fully stretch. Although it will, there is no opinion— and I get the "E18" error code. The mechanical centre informed me that actually testing the fee would be about $150. I could update to the Ability Shot S 5IS for approximately $300. 

Can I mend this, or substitute it?

Well, you are one of many, Paul. I frequently hear the E18 error. In reality, you can find some sites focused on this matter, and it's reported to affect approximately four dozen Canon models. Since you've probably determined the E18 error is connected to an issue with the lens stretching. In general, it happens when gunk finds its own way into the lens mechanics.

Otherwise, I have discovered that repair shops charge between $150 and $300 to improve this issue. You may even have the ability to correct it your self. An internet site known as E18 error includes some do it yourself measures which you may take to, however, I would consider this a very last resort and only attempt it in case the camera isn't under warranty.

This is my information, Paul: When I had to decide between paying to correct the older camera and purchasing a brand new one, I would attempt fixing it first--also doesn't do the job, I would spend my cash in a fresh camera.

More Approaches to Recovery photo

If you should be attempting to regain lost information, then you're correct once you say that a lot of apps simply decide to try to"undelete" images and are not very proficient at finding data on memory cards that are corrupted. I have found an app that is different, yet. CnW Recovery Software works very nicely. I experienced a corrupt memory with some once in a lifetime sound. The app experienced every one of the clusters recreated the sound declare me personally when I thought all had been lost.

Thank you, Bill! The app will not resemble a workable approach to recoup lost photos from corrupted or damaged memory cards. It's possible to use this app for thirty days for $ 1-5 (convenient for an onetime emergency) or find yourself a complete license for about $29.

Printer-friendly model of the newsletter? I like the Digital Focus newsletter, also I'd love to earn a laptop to store your entire articles for fast reference. I wish there is a "printer-friendly" edition of this newsletter. --Ron Ries, Sandiego

I receive a whole lot of email asking in regards to a printer-friendly edition of the newsletter so that I must explain that individuals provide a means to quickly publish the newsletter. On the peak of every newsletter (straight under the headline), you should observe a couple of connections --look closely, and you'll notice we have concealed the printer-friendly icon (tagged "Publish") in plain sight!

Mega-pixels versus megabytes

My camera asserts to simply take images in "10M" if put to its best excellent degree. But I am perplexed. Why shouldn't the JPEG files so be 10M in proportion? Mine turn outside in 4M.

People M-S you are throwing around are, unsurprisingly, quite an ordinary source of grief, Brett. The dilemma is that you measure and
call both "M" two completely different ideas. It's shooting 10-megapixel pictures after you put your camera in the most excellent way. Mega-pixel is shorthand for"a thousand pixels," therefore your camera takes photos using 10 million pixels. (The resolution might be at the area of 3888 pixels around by 2592 pixels. In case you multiply those two numbers you obtain around 10 million)

But pixel resolution does not always have a whole lot regarding all the true filesize, which will be measured in megabytes. The document size depends on many variables, including the number of information compression applied to store the photo (that can be known as the JPEG grade level). After all, 4 megabytes are by exactly what you have to expect for photos with a particular size.

Still, confused regarding this gap? The document size would be that the picture burden onto the scale, for example as for example 14 oz. Typically, the larger the image is, the longer it must consider, however, there is no immediate correlation between both values. Hot pic of this week

If needed, use a photo editing program to decrease the file size of your image before emailing it to people. Include the name of your photo together with a brief description and how you photographed it. Do not forget to send your own name, email address, and postal address.

The week's Hot Pic: "Horseshoe Bend Overlook," from Kristy Cannon, vegas, NevadaKristy says that she shot on the photo with an Olympus Evolt-E410 d SLR and a Zuiko 7-14mm Ultrawide angle lens. She used Adobe Photoshop CS3 to produce some minor alterations to the vulnerability.

With this kind of afternoon, it had been a magical hour, and also a tiny thunderstorm was brewing roughly 10 to 15 kilometres off. I set up fast while attempting to maintain my knees out the boundary of the cliff face, which falls off over 1, 000 feet "

This Week's runnerup: "Roswell Plain," from Robert Bartram,'' Bradley Beach, New JerseyRobert claims he also took this photo approximately 25 miles north of Roswell, New Mexico while sitting on top of the SUV.

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