Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

IT-TECHSOFT is dedicated to shielding sensitive information from readers / viewers by accessing the website or an application created and operated by IT-TECHSOFT. This Privacy Policy covers the use of any personal details it receives from visitors / readers by, inter alia, the following services:

• Every IT-TECHSOFT page that connects to this privacy policy and cookies;
• Social media or official IT-TECHSOFT material on other websites;
• Mobile apps and/or software ('Apps') The Privacy Policy shall extend to any of the aforementioned resources only when IT-TECHSOFT creates the program, platform or information found therein.

For many reasons, IT-TECHSOFT gathers or receives information about its users; for example, to provide programs designed to serve the customer, to monitor and improve the service offerings, to advertise or promote ads, etc. These records may include the users' name, address, telephone number, email address, age, social network account etc. ("The Information").

Other privacy policies may apply to certain services made available by Visitors are asked to read these on these pages when registering or subscribing to those facilities. This is the responsibility of IT-TECHSOFT to secure the knowledge obtained from its guests / users.

IT-TECHSOFT values the privacy of its users / readers and makes every attempt to ensure that the gathered information is used beyond the specific reason for which it was provided. How IT-TECHSOFT gathers the information that IT-TECHSOFT receives as the user accesses the IT-TECHSOFT website –

(i) by registering with the website or application;
(ii) subscribing to a newsletter,
(iii) responding to a survey or contesting, 
(iv) logging in to a app/website or page, etc.

Disclosure of Information Collected:

IT-TECHSOFT does not sell, exchange or otherwise provide any other party with personally identifiable information except those which assist IT-TECHSOFT in the operation of its website, in the conduct of the company and in the service of its users. It can exchange personal information about the visitor / reader internally in order to understand the user base, encourage the number of users and improve user interaction.

Should IT-TECHSOFT wish to use personal details in a manner other than the one mentioned above, it shall obtain the consent of the offender.

Notwithstanding everything found in this Privacy Policy, IT-TECHSOFT can report or exchange collected information, including personal information, to service providers, associated firms, contractors or contractors or associates involved in carrying out business-related functions on their behalf.

In reaction to legal proceedings, IT-TECHSOFT can also share the details, or defend its interest in any forum. The details can be used to investigate or deter potentially criminal acts, or circumstances involving possible threats to any individual, us, or services, or infringements of our policies , laws or Terms of Use, as well as verifying or enforcing compliance with our Services policies. The details can also be exchanged in order to sell travelers / readers consumer goods or services.

However, in all these cases or any other case where personal information is exchanged or revealed, IT-TECHSOFT shall use its best efforts to monitor the sharing or release, and shall share it only to the degree required to serve the intent.

Data Retention:

We can keep personal details from visitors / readers if your account is with IT-TECHSOFT. Notwithstanding this, IT-TECHSOFT may maintain data as per its own internal data retention policy for a further time. Data details about the visitor / reader shall be removed when the IT-TECHSOFT account expires. Please note that events may occur when erasing / deleting information may take longer than usual and in such events IT-TECHSOFT shall not be held liable.


The ads used in the IT-TECHSOFT app/website and smartphone applications are rendered by third-party firms and ad networks through separate ad tags, which can gather consumer information for which IT-TECHSOFT is not responsible as a result of the collection and/or exchange of the information with any other entity.IT-TECHSOFT accepts no liability arising from any content of any advertisement that may appear on the IT-TECHSOFT app/website.

Third-Party Advertisements and links:

The website or application may view or authorize advertising of third party providers or products at IT-TECHSOFT 's discretion. Such third-party platforms can have distinct and different privacy policies. IT-TECHSOFT assumes no responsibility for the quality of promotional material, including, without limitation, any mistakes, omissions or inaccuracies found therein. 

IT-TECHSOFT shall not be held liable for information leakage because the visitor / reader accesses a separate link, application or website, whether through a link on the website or IT-TECHSOFT content.

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